Even today there are countless film developers on the market to buy cheaply, all of which have their own characteristics and do what they are supposed to - develop. Why concoct your own developer? Well, because of the costs, as already mentioned, the developers are cheap and the respective development is in the cent range. Experimentation is the key word that prompts you to create your own developer. I find it exciting to make a film developer from various household ingredients and that with almost environmentally friendly ingredients. And that this film developer also works without problems and surprises with its versatility is simply fantastic!

The following ingredients (Caffenol-CL / stand development) are dissolved in one liter of water in the specified order:

  • 16 g / l washing soda / anhydrous,

  • 10 g / l vitamin C,

  • 0.5 - 1 g / l potassium bromide (e.g. Schüßler salt No. 14),

  • 470 g / l instant coffee.

There are still countless Caffenol recipes, but I develop my films with the above recipe and this has also proven itself in a wide variety of films.


  • Development temperature 20 ° C,

  • Development time 70 minutes,

  • tilt the first 60 seconds,

  • tip three times every 15 minutes,

  • can only be used once.

Prewash, stopwash and fix as usual.

For those who are interested, I would like to recommend "The Caffenol Cookbook".