Welcome to my website fotoabsolut!

Here I prefer to show my photographic work that was created either in the analog process or in digital. I must therefore say in advance that I prefer neither digital nor analog photography, but I use both types of photography and, if possible or necessary, I bring both together in the so-called hybrid process. So I am not one of the hardliners who consider one or the other type of photography to be the non plus ultra. No, both have their advantages and disadvantages and thus their right to exist. The fact that analog photography is only practiced in a small group and, fortunately, is currently experiencing a small "come back", is certainly thanks to us amateur photographers. The range of films is clear, but some films that have already been withdrawn from the market are being produced again. Although more and more people can get excited about analog photography, in the long term it will die out for everyone. I assume that analog photography will be preserved as a form of expression in the visual arts of the world.

Digital photography with its technical possibilities and further image processing on the computer knows fewer and fewer limits and can be practiced anywhere and any place. The recordings are made in fractions of a second with the smartphone and put online. Blessing or curse, everyone has to decide for themselves! The technical possibilities are great - but pictures can also be reproduced by many and often a second look helps to separate the crowd from the individual image design and the manipulation of reality.


I also deal with the fine printing process such as the cyanotype or album printing and the various photographic working methods of the past century.



In this sense "good light".