London ist Calling

"If a man has ever tired of London, then he has become tired of life because London has everything that life has to offer."


Samuel Johnson (* September 18, 1709, † December 13, 1784)


A dull noise woke me from my sleep and since I am naturally very curious, I had to give in to the inner urge. I got up and looked through the skylight of my room, which I had been living in for a year. The window glass did not allow a clear view of the center of the city and so I moistened my index finger with spit and wiped the glass clean with a circle. Just big enough for my right eye to see the rising sun. I saw the imposing silhouette of London's Square Mile, which has hardly changed over the centuries. Well, that depends on the point of view. By the way, the year is 2014, but I could also say 1714.


London Calling (colloquially) or to say it in my mother tongue - London calls and awakens the wanderlust for this great city. The London side shows footage of this unique lively but not aggressively hectic city. Anyone visiting London will quickly see how extremely friendly its residents are. So it can happen to you that you stand at a crossroads and look for the cheapest route on your city map and then all of a sudden you hear the question: "Can I help you?" Unfortunately, I haven't met the typical Londoner with bowler hat and umbrella, or does the elegantly English-clad gentleman no longer exist? That would definitely have been worth taking.


During my photographic forays into the different districts, one could feel the enormous tolerance and multicultural acceptance, which is apparently nothing unusual in London. International life takes place here and thanks to thank you, plase and sorry a lot becomes easier and not everything is taken too seriously. But that can basically be explained with the London “live of spirit”. And finally: "London is calling you".