In 1891 the first concentrated liquid developer was patented, which was baptized under the name RODINAL. Before it was developed, only powder film developers were known. Revolutionary at the time, because it only had to be diluted with water in the correct mixing ratio. Revolutionize its properties too!

I can only recommend making the rodinal or even better parodinal yourself.

"today we cook"

You take:

  • - 250 ml of water,

  • -Acetaminophen (30 tablets paracetamol 500 mg),

  • -50 g sodium sulfite (calcined / anhydrous),

  • -20 g sodium hydroxide (calcined / anhydrous),

  • -2 g of potassium bromide (serves as an anti-fog).

Mix it in the order shown and let it sit for 72 hours. After that, the suspended solids rest carefully. Voila, the self-made film developer à la Parodinal is ready!

The film developer has a shelf life of approx. 6 months and the diluted batch for film development can be processed within 30 minutes. Dilution and development times are like the legendary film developer Rodinal.

Development times

AGFA APX 100 1 + 25 20 C 5.5 min. (30 seconds the first minute, then tilt the can once every minute ),

AGFA APX 100 1 + 50 20 C 13.0 min. (30 seconds the first minute, then four gentle inverses

ones per minute),

AGFA APX 100 1 + 100 20 C 60.0 min. (Tilt continuously for the first minute, then every 15 minutes

utes tilt three times ).

Fomapan 200 1 + 100 20 C 80.0 min. (Tilt continuously for the first minute, then in the 25th

Tilt gently once for 50 and 75 minutes).

Other times may be published here on my blog or website.

And here is a selection of the results that I think are very successful.